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Audience Reviews

“By far the best improv show I’ve ever seen! Great guys, great laughs, and a great time!”
– Maricris, Yelp Review

“Their act is innovative…spontaneous, perfectly timed genius (a gift from the comedy gods)!”
– Suzie, Yelp Review

“Never have I ever laughed SO hard! Brilliant on the fly song writing, great timing, and funny! Bring a group of friends and plan on an awesome night.”
– Robin, Yelp Review

“I loved the way these four guys played off each other…the amount of talent was incredible…a great casual evening of entertainment and laughs!!”
– Melody, Goldstar Review

“Stage 4 Improv is the YODA of comedy!”
– Donna, Yelp Review

“Hilarious! I was laughing so hard and loudly that I felt a little embarrassed afterwards…but no shame…I would HIGHLY recommend giving Stage 4 Improv a shot! I’m sure you won’t regret it.”
– Shasta, Yelp Review

“This was an exceptional night of entertainment. My inner critic was silenced and put to bed early…I highly recommend these guys.”
– Richard, Yelp Review


“Best. Improv. Group. Ever. Everyone must go watch them pronto!”
– Gina, Facebook Review

“Great energy, rapport with each other and the audience. Recommended for all ages. I’ll definitely be seeing them again.”
– Jane, Yelp Review

“Very, very funny and entertaining. I loved it. Stage 4 Improv is an absolute ‘Must See and Hear’.”
– Stefan, Yelp Review

“I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time…it was truly HILARIOUS! What a great way to spend my Saturday evening!”
– Porsche, Yelp Review

“We made it our date night and the performance from Stage4 did not disappoint!…WOW, just WOW!”
– Yun, Yelp Review

“I never laughed so much in my life.”
– Sharon, Yelp Review

“It left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see them again to see what else they can pull off.”
– Edward, Yelp Review